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common stock of Wiley and Sons has a beta that is 18 percent larger than the
overall market beta. Currently, the market risk premium is 9.5 percent while
the U.S. Treasury bill is yielding 4.8 percent. What is the cost of equity for
this firm?

Meat Market has 270 shares of stock outstanding at a price per share of $2.12.
What will the price per share be if the firm declares a 3-for-34 reverse stock

own a portfolio that is invested as follows: $10,996 of Stock A, $7,553 of
Stock B, $16,256 of Stock C, and $5,720 of Stock D. What is the portfolio
weight of Stock C in percent?

year ago, Debra purchased a share of KNF stock for $39.76. Today, she sold the
share for $52.84. What is the capital gains yield in percent on this investment
if the dividend yield is 3.4 percent?

Inc. stock has an expected return of 12.7 percent. The risk-free rate is 2.3
percent and the market risk premium is 5.7 percent. What is the stock’s beta?
The Black Horse is currently
considering a project that will produce cash inflows of $12,000 a year for
three years followed by $6,500 in year 4. The cost of the project is $38,000.
What is the profitability index if the discount rate is 7 percent?

Bank has an issue of preferred stock with a $8.12 stated dividend that just
sold for $99.1 a share. What is the bank’s cost of preferred stock in percent?

The Golden Goose is considering a
project with an initial cost of $46,700. The project will produce cash inflows
of $10,000 a year for the first two years and $12,000 a year for the following
three years. What is the payback period?
proposed project requires an initial cash outlay of $279,761 for equipment and
an additional cash outlay of $29,378 in year 1 to cover operating costs. During
years 2 through 4, the project will generate cash inflows of $500,000 a year.
What is the net present value of this project at a discount rate of 4 percent?
Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar.
cost-cutting project will decrease costs by $50,858 a year. The annual
depreciation on the project’s fixed assets will be $14,036 and the tax rate is
30 percent. What is the amount of the change in the firm’s operating cash flow
resulting from this project?
Inc. currently has 508 shares of stock outstanding that sell for $386 per
share. Assuming no market imperfections or tax effects exist, what will the
share price be after LOG has a 26-for-2 stock split?

all-equity firm has net income of $22,835, depreciation of $9,441, and taxes of
$2,827. What is the firm’s operating cash flow?

The common stock of Hillshire Farms
has yielded 16.3 percent, 7.2 percent, 11.8 percent, -3.6 percent, and 9.7
percent over the past five years, respectively. What is the geometric average
return in percent?

Trucking just paid its annual regular cash dividend of $5.43 a share, along
with a special dividend of $0.9 a share. The company follows a policy of
increasing its dividend by 5.8 percent annually. Which one of the following is
the best estimate of the firm’s next annual dividend payment?

Sugar and Spice stock is expected to
produce the following returns given the various states of the economy. What is
the expected return on this stock in percent?



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